Monday, 30 June 2014

Live Love Laugh Food.......... and archaeology!!!!

A year ago, I bumped into this chap in Costco. I'd been stalking him down the aisles as I was sure I'd seen Hog Roast embroidered on his polo shirt...and I was right. I wrote his name and number on a scrap of paper I had on me, and then over the last 11 months successively lost and found it amongst my pile of "To Do" things.

Anyway, we went for breakfast at his cafe on Beake Avenue to sound him (and his food) out and we weren't disappointed. His breakfast was scrummy and I booked him on the spot to do a hog roast for us for the BAIT end of project party.

However, as much as I was looking forward to a hog roast, we just didn't get the numbers which would have made it viable, so Jamie suggested a BBQ. Yep, no problem I said and so it was.

Enjoying the BBQ
I just wish I'd had the time to savour more of it but with talking to people, all I managed was a burger and a halloumi cheese and pepper kebab!!! My hubbie made up for it and I think he ended up having a bit of everything.
Rita's hubby and mine
It was delicious, and I can recommend Jamie and his company to anyone wanting to leave the catering to someone else. You can contact him via the website:

So the rest of the party. We prepared the hall and it did look good. We didn't have many finds as the nice ones are at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum Exhibition (Roman Empire: Power and People).
We were able to display examples of the different types of pottery and had examples of all the reports produced, including the DBA, geo-phys, pottery assessments etc and literature about the Herbert Exhibition and about CADAS.

Pottery and Reports
For me, the most fun part were the photos from the different events held over the year which we posted on the boards and on the walls. And in the background was a slide show of all the photos taken.

 Our guests included members of MOLA who geo-physed our fields, Dr Kevin Leahy (CADAS Vice-prosident) and his wife, Ben Wallace and his family from Warwick HER, Ian Soden (DBA), AOC representatives (Cat and Tara), our very patient farmer and his wife (Steve and Alison Deeming), the lady whos fault it was in the first place (!) Thelma Gee, my committee and of course a number of those very important people who we couldn't have done without, OUR VOLUNTEERS.

All in all it was a great day, helped by the glorious weather we had for the duration.

Enjoying the sunshine